Coldstore Construction
Reliable cold room and freezer room construction in the UK.

We provide custom-built cold stores for various industries. With A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration, expect the best refrigeration engineers in the UK to work on your coldstore refrigeration. We are certified and approved constructors of coldstore spaces.

By working closely with the client from the design stage right through to installation, we are able to provide the most cost-effective and innovative solutions guaranteed to last for years after installation.
A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration sources out the finest manufacturers to create dependable cold store solutions to our clients. With years of experience, we have been recognised as the leading company for temperature controlled environments of refrigeration.

Quality and durability is at the forefront of what we do, and through our unsurpassed work ethics, we guarantee the best service and results. A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration build cold store refrigerations to meet the highest industry UK standards with attention to detail, constructing masterpiece coldstore solutions.

Unsurpassed construction and design of cold storage facilities at A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration

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Some Construction units from A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration

Our promise to clients is that we use first grade quality products to construct the most efficient and energy saving cold storage. We do this by using the latest technology of remote condensers for refrigeration construction. No matter the size of the refrigeration, we will tailor fit and install the right condenser unit for you.

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