Electrical Testing & Inspection

For all kinds of property, ranging from domestic to public, we at A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration provide a nationwide fixed wiring and electrical testing service at reasonable rates.

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration provides regular electrical inspection and testing to commercial and industrial clients seeking professional and reliable project completions. We also provide a range of competitively priced services in electrical testing. Our electricians will conduct electricity wiring surveys with a full report on the current status of the property’s wiring.
We are a full F Gas certified company and are registered with REFCOM (Register of Companies Competent to Manage Refrigerants). Our electricians are compliant with Select regulations and certified to carry out testing and inspection.

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration does inspections to comply with high UK standards , issuing out testing certificates to the property manager or owner about the inspection. Our friendly staff will be onhand to answer any questions, and recommend solutions to any wiring problems that might be present.

​Call us today at A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration on 01259 212803 or 07813302145, or email alan@amcgillivray.co.uk to have your commercial or residential property inspected by the best electricians in the UK.