Refrigeration Services

Leaders in the UK of installing refrigeration for the meat & food industry, pharmaceutical companies, high street shops and chains.

We design, install, service and maintain electrical refrigeration to the requirements of our clients. We have carried out major designs in the past, creating custom-built Coldstores in various sizes for businesses and corporations seeking custom-built refrigerators.A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration is the leading refrigeration specialist in the UK.

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Cold Rooms

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration designs and installs cold rooms to your specification.

From the design process right through to installation, we use our own trusted technicians to give our clients their ideal cold room storage. We offer a range of cold rooms to the client’s requested size, in order to optimise the space they have available. A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration cold rooms are supplied with refrigeration controls and equipment, making them easy to operate and regulate temperature. For over 50 years, we have been recognised as expert designers and installers of cold rooms in the UK by working with some of the top manufacturers in the world to make expertly built, lasting cold storage refrigeration.

We create custom made cold room designs for various storage purposes , with a team of friendly refrigeration engineers completing the job within the designated time period agreed upon by the client and the engineer. Our aim is to provide the best service through listening to our clients and delivering the best results at the end of every project we complete.

Custom designers and installers of cold rooms in the UK for over 50 years

Freezer Rooms

Tailor-made freezer rooms from the UK’s best refrigeration engineers, no matter the size.

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration makes a wide range of freezer rooms set to the lowest temperature required to serve the client’s purpose. We have worked with various industries to create and install some of the largest freezer rooms in the UK for the meat and food industry, hospitality and pharmaceutical companies. We install the latest technology features, energy efficiency, above-average hygiene properties and temperatures as low as −21 °C.

We are a very approachable family-run business with extremely professional employees that have become part of our ever growing company. Our freezer rooms are known to have above-average properties with advanced technology for user convenience.

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration is a family-run company specialising in the installation of freezer rooms, cold rooms and blast freezers in the UK

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Chilled Production Facilities

Chilled Production Facilities from A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration

At A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration, we understand the need for a regulated, chilled production facility. As your chosen manufacturer of such facilities, we work hard with a dedicated team of refrigeration engineers and specialists to understand the purpose behind the chilled production facility. We can design and build new production facilities for any type of build where required.
As part of this service, we will maintain and service existing chilled production facilities. This adds a personal touch to the work we conduct for our clients who have trusted us for years to deliver the best in refrigeration design and installation in the UK.

We are an F Gas certified company and have accreditations with Select. We have approved certifiers of construction work within the company.
We have hired the best members to join our family-run business. Their value adds excellence to the business, and helps us provide the best customer service to all our clients.

The UK’s most trusted refrigeration designers and installers no matter the size requested

Blast Freezers

Blast freezers designed to suit your needs.

We offer a wide variety of blast freezer sizes from the best refrigeration engineers and specialists. These are the minds behind the design and installation of the most advanced blast freezers used in the food industry for ice cream, ready meals, fish and frozen vegetable products. For our fridges to provide optimum shock freezing in a short period of time, A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration uses advanced technology, ensuring our blast freezers deliver the desired results as quickly as possible.

Blast freezing leads to the formation of micro ice crystals that help to preserve the food before any microbiological activity can occur - preserving products for longer periods of time. Blast freezing is a rapid form of freezing which minimizes the damage and preserves food at a higher quality. Utilizing advanced technology methods, we install an internal protection system which prevents internal wall damage, ensuring the ideal temperature.

Refrigeration installers in the UK for various industries requiring blast freezers.

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