The UK’s leading installer of Electrical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

For 51 years, A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration has been the leading installer of refrigeration, air conditioning and electrical works in the UK. We pride ourselves on reputable performance that has led us to be the most trusted company in our variety of services.

Our company is built on family values and principles that have carried our reputation much further than we anticipated. All round the UK, we are trusted with a reliable service guaranteed to deliver the best results. We have rapidly expanded through the years, maintaining the friendly and personal touch often associated with family-owned organisations and businesses.

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration design and project execution has allowed us to be a complete package to all our clients. Our manufacturer independence means we can source a range of equipment from a variety of suppliers nationwide. We have been fortunate enough to always employ the best members to work within our team; those who understand our business, goals and ethics. As a family endeavour, we have always understood that we need to maintain good relations and communications with our clients to remain reputable.

What We Do

Aircon Technicians | Installations & Construction | Alloa, UK

We have a highly skilled and qualified team of technicians that has installed air conditioning systems for home and businesses throughout UK. We use the latest methods to install air conditioning systems from the best manufacturers in the world.


Electrical Engineers in Alloa | A McGillivray Electrical Refrigeration | Alloa, UK

A McGillivray Electrical & Refrigeration provides an electrical service for small and large corporations and home buildings. Our team of electrical engineers and technicians work together to install bespoke lighting to new and old property builds no matter the size.


Industrial Refrigeration & Coldstores | Installations & Construction | Alloa

We offer a wide range of remote and custom-built refrigerators for display and cold storage for butcheries, supermarkets, wholesales, pharmaceutical companies and many more. Our aim is to deliver quality work and superior service at affordable prices.


Custom Built Coldrooms & Freezers

Coldrooms & Freezer :Construction & Installations | UK Coldrooms & Freezers : Installations & Constructions | UK | A McGillivray Electrical Refrigeration